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Winery ‘de Reestlandhoeve’, a Family Business with Love and Respect for People and Nature

On the border of Drenthe and Overijssel is the beautiful Reest River Valley, a secluded enclave with sandy, permeable soil. The land is loaded with an abundance of iron ore, making it the ideal ground for grape growing. At ‘de Reestlandhoeve,’ the soil is carefully cultivated with natural fertilizers and minerals. In the welcoming warmth of the summer months, classical music wafts throughout the vineyard, creating an irresistible ambiance. All these elements combine to create the best possible conditions for grapes to grow and flourish.

At our winery, people with various care needs are given the opportunity to use their talents as supervised volunteers. With this, care for people and nature come together in our pure wines.

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Nederlandse wijnen - wijn van Nederlandse bodem

Wine Shop

Order the Reestlander wines online via our webshop. Or visit our Wine Shop.

Rondleiding en wijnproeverij op de reestlandhoeve

Guided tour and wine tasting

Taste and Experience the Winegrower’s Adventure! Join us on a guided tour through our vineyard and taste our Reestlander Wines.

Rondleiding en wijnproeverij op de Reestlandhoeve

Wine tasting

Enjoy the Reestlander Wines in the Wine Barn and create your own winetasting event with different Reestlander Wines.

Care farm for people with care needs

We not only create an ideal environment for our vines and our guests. People with care needs are also part of 'de Reestlandhoeve'.

Participants are given the opportunity to actively participate in the daily work at the winery under professional supervision as supervised volunteer.

In this way they too remain part of our society.

'De Reestlandhoeve'

a beloved familybusiness

Eighteen years ago, John and Wilma Huisman left their livestock farming livelihood behind in pursuit of an entirely new endeavor - namely, the production of natural Dutch wines that are high in quality and highly delicious. They were convinced it was something they’d be able to do well! 

In the ensuing years, John and Wilma have proven their initial assumption to be true many times over, garnering a wide range of awards and prizes - both nationally and internationally - for their popular line of Reestlander Wines.

Certified B-Corporation

First certified B Corp wine- and care company in the Netherlands

'De Reestlandhoeve' is B-Corp certified. This makes us part of an international movement of sustainable, transparent and socially engaged companies that strive for a better world. We are particularly proud of that.

Together we make the world a little more beautiful!